Party Registration Procrastinators Survey

Hello Everybody!   Less than 3 months to our 50th Reunion and there are still 20 of your classmates that have signed up on this website but have not registered for the Reunion Party angry.  There are another 19 who are getting our emails but they have chosen to ignore us thus far.  I am soliciting your opinions on how to get these people off the dime?  Your answers below are greatly appreciated:

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1)   What is your suggestion to motivate these procrastinators to register for the Party now rather than keeping us all in suspense?

2)   Below, I have offered up several approaches towards encouraging procrastinators to do what they know they should do by NO LATER THAN JULY 28th - New 'DEADLINE'. Check all that apply or add your own idea.

  Party Attendees not signed up by July 28th to be on the clean-up committee.
  Procrastinators after July 28th will require a note from their parents.
  Not signed up by July 28th? 3 - "Hail Mary's" & 4 - "Our Fathers".
  Late sign-ups must wear a special badge.
  Your Idea: